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Important Things by strawberrypatty

(drawing by me)

Sherlock sat on the sofa of 221B Baker Street. His eyes were closed and his fingers were steepled as he went through the corridors of his mind palace. The case he was on was particularly tricky.


The voice of his wife penetrated the fog he’d put up around himself. Normally, he blocked out everyone when he was in his mind palace. Molly was different. Molly could get through.

Even if he did hear her, he wasn’t going to break his concentration. He answered her with a small grunt. 

"Sherlock, we need to talk."

"Busy," Sherlock replied tersely. 

He heard the footsteps coming up behind him. He opened his eyes and looked up. Molly was hanging over him. “It’s important.”

Sherlock scowled up at her. “I am trying to solve a double homicide. There is nothing you can say that is more important than—” 

"I’m pregnant," Molly blurted out.

Sherlock blinked at Molly. He twisted his body and grabbed tightly to her waist, tugging her close. He buried his face in her flat belly, his nose pressing against her navel. 

After a moment, he realized just how forcefully he’d clutched her. He released her, looking up at her with wide eyes. “Are you all right? I-I didn’t grab you too tightly, did I?”

Molly rolled her eyes. “I’m pregnant, not made of glass, you clot.”

"Clot?" Sherlock repeated incredulously. He tugged Molly down onto the sofa and began to tickle her. "I’ll show you who’s a clot."

"Wha—" Molly wheezed between giggles. "What about your case?"

Sherlock grabbed up his mobile, sending a quick text off to Lestrade. “I have more important things to take care of.”


I love my fandom soulmate for this. She knows just how to make my heart melt.


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